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Technical Collaborations

Technical Cooperation, collaborations and principles
The strength of a business lies in teamwork and we have teamed up with some of the best names in the business, crossing boundaries and continents in the process.

H.B Technology is a leading construction chemicals manufacturer in South Korea, with focus on special products for the power industry, such as Nuclear power plants and other high profile projects

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Toupret, manufacturer of fillers that do the job better and faster, for painters and decorators, drywallers, builders and all trades people, as well as discerning DIYers

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Experience chemically advanced, molecularly waterproof concrete that allows you to design easier, build faster, capitalize sooner, with less risk.

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Fabrino’s premium pigments and liquid colours are mainly used to add a colour achieving a unique appearance and a more brilliant colour of the hydrated cement by using white cement.

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