Green Spirit & Guiding Principles

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our “Green Spirit” philosophy dictates that we are committed to environmental protection. We always look for sustainable systems and technologies and currently host an impressive lineup of green building material. All of us can help make the world a better place and we are lending a hand where we can. Our objectives are clear though it is not easy doing the balancing act: Provide consistent and high quality products and services, deliver customer satisfaction, promote environmental protection through green technologies and develop people, fostering teamwork.

Environmental Policy

At PAC Technologies our commitment for the environment goes beyond just words. It is a fact, an obligation, but most important of all a management conviction. We don’t just manufacture advanced construction technologies. We manufacture products with a deep concern for the environment and for the health and safety of our employees and end users.

PAC is actively investing in cutting-edge research to develop new building materials and raw materials that are environmentally friendly. Our goal is to offer the market innovative products and systems that contribute to reducing CO2 emissions in the construction industry.

Protecting the environment by using environmentally friendly in house procedures and developing safer products remains one of our guiding principles.

This is done on an internal operational level as well as on the products level. For instance:


Giving back to the Community, PAC is commited to Educate the market and prepare University Students to be ready for their professional Life (Futures) by continuously giving lectures in universities Across UAE, How to improve service life of structures, how to decrease carbon footprint in the UAE, by using new technologies in the construction industry and reduce water usage in the construction industry, hence helping the environment and the industry become greener, Following the vision of the UAE for becoming a environmentally repsonsible.

PAC Technologies provides exciting internship opportunities for new and undergraduate students. Our renowned R&D center serves as a hub for innovative research studies. In addition, PAC collaborates with universities by offering materials and products, enabling students to conduct impactful research and trials in their university labs.

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