Chromium Reducers for Ordinary Portland cement

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PACTOCem Aid CR-FSG is a high-performance Hexavalent Chromium reducing agent for cement added to cement mill during grinding process to reduce Chromium VI level significantly lower less than 2ppm complying with European directive 2003/53/EC.

PACTOCem Aid CR-FSG is recommended for:

  • Chromium VI reduction for Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) less than 2ppm
  • Blended cements using Fly Ash, GGBFS and other Pozzolonic materials
  • Other hydraulic cements

    PACTOCem Aid CR-FSG is a specially formulated Granular form product based on Ferrous Sulphate technology enabling efficient reduction of Chromium (VI), even at low dosage rates

  • Ready to use using suitable dispensing system.
  • Direct dosing into the cement mill or mill feed belt
  • Reduces Chromium Hexavalent level less than 2ppm depending on dosage
  • No negative effect on setting time and strength.
  • Suitable for use in Ball Mill and Vertical mills
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