SBS Betong-Sweden  & PAC – Workshop

In the presence of a selection of the concrete market experts, PAC and SBS Betong-Sweden, have hosted a workshop and live demonstration for their latest innovation in the field of concrete and mortar admixtures. 

This patent technology and admixture offers the following properties and advantages:

1-      Producing light weight concrete while keeping its hydrophobic and waterproofing properties.

2-      Used in floating concrete as well as under water pumping.

3-      Roof and Heat insulation, as well as reducing energy consumption in various application, including aerated light weight blocks.

4-      Reducing risks of cracks.

5-      Fire resisting and protection. 

6-      Many more applications and advantages.

Our Swedish colleagues and engineers, led by Prof Kjell- a member of the Scandinavian Innovators Society, have made this technical event a success and answered all our clients questions. 

Another example of PAC’s dedication to brining the latest technologies to the UAE and Gulf markets.

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