PAC Technologies’ PC400 contribution to producing sustainable concrete

PAC Technologies, a leading global provider of construction chemicals, has played a pivotal role in fostering innovation and research in the field of concrete technology. For example, since 2018, Heriot-Watt University in Dubai has used the PC 400 product, which has shown remarkable performance during the university research on producing sustainable concrete. The high-positive influence of PC 400 on the workability and the properties of the concrete has been reported by Heriot-Watt University’s students through their contribution and wining in highly competitive events such as EXPO 2020 and the international Undergraduate Research Competition (URC) by Abu Dhabi University, besides the contribution to the high-ranked research conferences and journals. Examples can be found in the following links:

A Recent Winning Research Project by Heriot-Watt University:

Recently, a team of Civil Engineering UG students from Heriot-Watt, Dubai, won the first prize for their research project titled “Using Plastic Bottles Waste in Concrete” in the 10th Undergraduate Research Competition (URC) at Abu Dhabi University. The competition event had 600 on-campus attendees and 500 individuals joining virtually, with over 400 submissions from 64 universities across 14 countries. 

It is well known that mixing plastic with concrete reduces workability too much. However, the use of PC 400 during the project has been recorded to secure high workability and enhance the produced concrete’s strength. Heriot-Watt University has always acknowledged and appreciated the support of PAC Technologies for its ongoing research endeavours.

In response to the university’s request for PC400, PAC Technologies demonstrated its commitment to supporting academic research and innovation. Nabil Rofail, Deputy General Manager at PAC Technologies, ensured that a sample of PC400 was promptly provided to Heriot-Watt University’s laboratory, and also advised and explained to the University the properties of the product and the technical details and how to get the maximum performance from it.

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