Grinding Aid for White Cement

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PACTOCem Aid WC2000 is an aqueous solution of liquid dispersants added to the cement mill at milling stage as a grinding aid and pack-set inhibitor specially formulated for White Cement production to improve cement productivity without affecting cement whiteness, compressive strength and cement quality parameters.

PACTOCem Aid WC2000 is recommended for the production of:

  • White Cement
  • Specially designed for Quality enhancement of White Cement

PACTOCem Aid WC2000 specially formulated molecules helps to neutralize electrostatic residual forces produced on the cement particle surfaces during clinker grinding in the cement mill to reduce agglomeration and reduction in ball and liner coating which results in improved mill grinding efficiency. PACTOCem Aid WC2000 is able to provide following benefits to the White cement producers:

  • Increases mill productivity by reducing cement grinding cost.
  • Effectively reduces specific energy power consumption.
  • Reduces cement agglomeration during grinding process in the cement mill
  • Reduced pack-set Index (PSI) in the storage silos reducing silo blockages
  • Increases classifier efficiency to enhance transportation system flowability
  • No negative impact on Cement Whiteness
  • Improves cement powder flowability
  • Improves cement Particle Size Distribution (PSD)
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